Case No. 02-CV-19-6522 in the District Court of Minnesota for the County of Anoka, Tenth Judicial District



TO: All individuals who were notified by Riverplace Counseling Center, Inc. (“Riverplace”) that their personal information may have been compromised in the cybersecurity incident initially disclosed by Riverplace in April 2019.

A class action settlement has been proposed in litigation against Riverplace relating to a cybersecurity incident that was disclosed on or about April 2019. The class action lawsuit alleges that in January 2019, Riverplace discovered that malware had been installed on its systems resulting in the potential exposure of sensitive personal and health related information of current and former patients. The lawsuit alleges that Riverplace wrongfully failed to safeguard its patient data. Riverplace denies any wrongdoing.


You are receiving this notice because you may be entitled to benefits from a class action settlement. The easiest way to submit a claim under the settlement is online at riverplacedatabreachsettlement.com.


Under the terms of the settlement, Riverplace has agreed to pay for the following forms of relief for valid claims that are timely submitted with supporting documentation, up to a maximum of $300,000:


The Court still must decide whether to approve the settlement. No payments will be made until after the Court grants final approval of the settlement and all appeals, if any, are resolved.

Your legal rights are affected even if you do nothing.Read this Notice carefully.




File a claim for Out-of-Pocket Losses and Time Spent

You must submit a claim with supporting documentation in order to receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket losses and/or time spent.


January 13, 2022

File a claim for Credit Monitoring Services or an Alternative Cash Reimbursement

You must submit a claim in order to receive the credit monitoring services offered under the settlement or an alternative cash reimbursement. Supporting documentation is required for an alternative cash reimbursement.


January 13, 2022

Exclude yourself by filing “Opt-Out” notification

You can exclude yourself from the settlement by informing the Claims Administrator that you want to “opt-out” of the settlement. This is the only option that allows you to retain your rights to separately sue Riverplace for claims related to the cybersecurity incident. If you opt-out, you may not make a claim for benefits under the settlement.

December 14, 2021

Object or comment on the settlement

You may object to the settlement by writing to the Claims Administrator and explaining why you don’t think the settlement should be approved.


December 14, 2021

Do nothing

If you do nothing, you will receive no payment, no benefits under the settlement, and you will give up your rights to sue Riverplace separately for claims related to the cybersecurity incident.


No deadline